bantal bayi


Anda tidak perlu khawatir lagi saat meninggalkan bayi anda tidur. Karena sekarang sdh ada produk inovatif Bantal Bayi Anti NGuling


100% Brand New.
Weight: 109g (approx. )
Material: Cotton Blends Case + Sponge Filling
Size: 18 x 11 x7cm ( size of one pillow ) approx.
Color: Yellow
Distance between pillows adjustable from 11cm to 15cm
Baby Sleep Head Positioner Anti-roll Pillow
A MUST HAVE for baby bedding/ sleeping!
Specially designed to prevent the baby turn/ move their head, not to give the baby cervical oppression. Suitable for baby’s head type pit.
Correct and adjust the baby’s sleeping posture /head, and prevent the accident harm due to baby’s turn on one’s side.
Safe, Non-toxic and skin-friendly. You baby will like it!

Package Content:
1 x Baby Toddler Sleep Positioner Pillow


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